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What is "Frenemies Sports"

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The original Frenemies Sports podcast all began after an ongoing argument between myself (Jack) and Carter. After an agonizing 18 year playoff drought the Browns had finally not only made the playoffs but also won a playoff game, at Heinz Field nonetheless. What was interesting about this playoff run was the Browns Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. In march of 2019, General Manager John Dorsey made the biggest move of that off-season by unloading a haul for the superstar from the Giants. Baker had thrown 27 touchdowns the year

prior, a record for most passing touchdowns by a rookie. Evidentially, expectations were sky high for the Browns for the fist time in decades. Well, the Browns severely underperformed and went 6-10. Flash forward to the 2020 season now, the roster is identical with the only major difference being a change in head coach from Freddie Kitchens to Kevin Stefanski. Midway through the season, Baker Mayfield still looked average at best and things were trending in a bad direction. The turning point of the 2020 season came in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals where Bakers first pass attempt was a deep ball to Odell that was intercepted. Odell ended up tearing his ACL that play and all hope seemed to have been lost. Baker would finish that game 22/28 with 5 touchdowns, including the game winner to 6th round rookie Donavan Peoples-Jones in the final seconds. Following that game the Browns rolled into the playoffs and had one of the best offenses in the NFL without Odell.

Personally, I was a big fan of Baker and the biggest hater of Odell. Carter was the exact opposite. The two of us would go back and fourth on this in school, over iMessage, in my basement, you name it. This went on until one day our now host, Jake Miller, jokingly said we should start a podcast and call it "Frenemies". The very next day Carter and I went to Best Buy and bought a $100 microphone. Since that trip we have filmed over 75 episodes, launched this website, we are on twitter and instagram, and our Tik Tok account has surpassed 300k likes and has over 1 Billion total views. Our goal is to turn an after school hobby into a multi-media sports network that provides our audience with a fresh and unique view on the sporting world.

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