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After a Surprising Trade Request, Where Are The 5 Best Landing Spots For Kyrie

Kyrie Irving is arguably a top 20 player in NBA history just in terms of talent alone. He's an elite finisher, great in the mid range, can pull up from three, and has was Skip Bayless likes to call, "The Clutch Gene". In spite of this, he will never live up to his basketball talent due to moronic stuff he does off the floor. If you have Kyrie on your team, you can only hope and pray he plays 50% of the games and limits himself to two or less scandals a season. That being said, the trade market for him isn't exactly huge especially when you add on that he's up for a new contract at the end of the season and is expecting for the lack of a better word, a shit ton of money. The only organizations that will consider making a deal for the troubled star will be elite teams that feel they're one move away from serious championship contention. Below are the five most realistic trade destinations for Irving, given that teams basically have to match his contract in any trade deal.

5. Miami Heat

Miami Receives: Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Receives: Kyle Lowry, Victor Oladipo, Max Strus, 2026 1st Round pick, 2028 First Round Pick, 2027 Second Round Pick

Why it Makes Sense For Brooklyn: The Nets have until February 9th to make a deal happen so the time is ticking. They have under a week to find a deal for their second best player and there is not a ton of suitors. This deal brings back some guard help, mostly coming from Oladipo and Strus as Kyle Lowry at this point is just bowling ball that can't shoot. Add on two first round picks and a second and it gives you the ability to either make another move or to keep the valuable future assets

Why it Makes Sense For Miami: Despite the slow start, Miami is slowly coming back into form as they sit 6th in the East and have played very well as of late. This success however has purely been from their defense as they are still abysmal offensively. Yes, I know that "defense wins championships" but you still need an offense that's better then Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, and what's left of Jimmy Butler offensive game in the playoffs. Kyrie would give them exactly what they need on that side of the ball and they're not giving up that much as Lowry has been useless and Oladipo and Strus have been at best, utility players

4. Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Receives: Kyrie Irving, TJ Warren

Brooklyn Receives: Chris Paul, Jae Crowder, 2024 First Round Pick, 2026 First Round Pick, 2028 First Round Pick

Why it Makes Sense For Brooklyn: Despite Kyrie's trade request, they still have a top 5 player on the planet in Kevin Durant on the team along with some quality pieces. They still want to compete for a championship this year, especially considering that Kevin Durant is 34 and doesn't have a lot of years left. This deal gives Brooklyn a reliable point guard who can run the offense next to KD along with Crowder who is a defensive wing that Brooklyn desperately needs. Three first round picks added on gives Brooklyn further trade assets as well

Why It Makes Sense For Phoenix: After a great run to the Finals just two years ago, it feels that Phoenix's championship window may be closing. This trade however would give life to a Suns team that is .500 right now as Devin Booker has dealt with injuries. A backcourt of D-Book and Kyrie alongside Mikal Bridges and Deandre Ayton would make this team a serious title contender and a possible favorite in the West.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Receives: Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Receives: Normal Powell, Robert Covington, Luke Kennard, 2029 First Round Pick, 2025 Second Round Pick, 2026 Second Round Pick, 2029 Second Round Pick

Why it Makes Sense For Brooklyn: Brooklyn is by no means a complete team even with Kyrie. They need help on the wings and on defense as well. Normal Powell gives you guard help to alleviate the loss of Kyrie while Covington and Luke Kennard provides shooting as well as defense. With a starting lineup of Powell, Joe Harris, Royce O'neill, Kevin Durant, and Nic Claxton, you have a team that can be great defensively and you still surround KD with elite shooters on the outside

Why It Makes Sense For Los Angeles: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard teamed up in 2019 to create what most thought would be a dynasty for the Clippers. Since then, they have been to zero Finals and only one Conference Final. They have lacked a third star to play next to their two elite wings despite their attempts to bring in guys like Normal Powell and John Wall. Kyrie Irving would be the missing piece to this team and would provide an offensive punch to a squad that can already lockdown defensively when they want too. Tyronn Lue has also already proven that he can work with Kyrie

2. Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Receives: Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry

Brooklyn Receives: Tim Hardaway Jr., Dorian Finney-Smith, Josh Green, JaVale McGee, 2024 First Round Pick, 2026 First Round Pick, 2028 First Round Pick

Why it Makes Sense For Brooklyn: Similar to the Clippers trade, this deal would give Brooklyn a better all around team to go with KD. Tim Hardaway and Finney-Smith would enter the starting lineup right away giving Brooklyn some elite shooting and defense. Josh Green has also proven to be a nice young role player and McGee gives them a fun backup big man. Three first round picks as well give Brooklyn flexibility in their future

Why it Makes Sense For Dallas: Luka Doncic has not even reached his prime but everyone already knows he is going to go down as an all-time great. He will be a top 5 player in the NBA for the next 10 years and is a generational talent. Despite this, Dallas has surrounded him with at best, mediocre role players. The Mavericks need to find him a true second star and Kyrie fits that description perfect. A big three of Luka, Kyrie, and Christian Wood would be absolutely lethal, even though the defensive side of the ball may be a struggle. Please Dallas, give Luka some help

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Receives: Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris

Brooklyn Receives: Russell Westbrook, Lonnie Walker IV, 2026 First Round Pick, 2028 First Round Pick

Why It Makes Sense For Brooklyn: In terms of players, the return for Kyrie Irving is good not great. Despite the jokes about Westbrook and his bizarre play at times, he is most likely going to win Sixth Man of the year and would give the bench of Brooklyn some much needed spark and support. Lonnie Walker IV would also give the Nets some help at the guard spot even though similar to Westbrook, he is a very streaky player. The biggest prize for the Nets though is the first round picks. Lebron James is most likely not going to be a Laker after 2025, meaning Los Angeles will most likely turn into a bottom five team for years to come. Those first round picks will most likely end up being top prospects in both the 2026 and 2028 draft. If the Nets decide to trade KD, they would also accumulate a load of picks from him as well, giving them a wagon full of high value draft picks

Why it Makes Sense for Los Angeles: The Lakers are a prime example of having a closing championship window. Lebron James is 38 years old and is most likely gone after his contract expires in 2025. They need to win now and are desperate for one more great piece to their roster. Attaining Kyrie would be the all-in move that Lakers fans have been asking for the past couple of years and it instantly upgraded them from a likely first to second round exit to a championship contending team. A big three of Kyrie, Lebron, and AD would give the Lakers the best 1-2-3 punch in the game and it would make them nearly impossible to defend. With Joe Harris added on, the most likely starting lineup would be Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris, Lebron James, Rui Hachimura, and Anthony Davis. I don't care if your a Lebron or a Laker hater, that starting five puts the Lakers in prime contention to win the title

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