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What can Nathaniel Hackett bring to the Jets

Nathaniel Hackett was a lot of things as the short lived head coach of the Denver Broncos, none of those things were good. Over the 19 years I have spent on this earth I have seen a lot of truly awful coaches. Most of them coached for the Browns like Hue Jackson and Freddie Kitchens. Others that didn’t coach on the shores of Lake Erie include Jeff Saturday, Urban Meyer, Joe Judge, and many others. Sadly for Hackett, he fits right in with that list of imbeciles who landed head coaching gigs.

“I’m embarrassed” -Nathaniel Hackett

Now you might be thinking, why would an organization like the Jets who appear to be on the rise take a risk on a failed Head Coach as their new offensive coordinator.

Is it because he had an explosive offense in Denver?


Is it because he interviewed really well and has a detailed plan for the offense?


Is Zach Wilson friends with his mom?

Probably not but you can never count out that pup.

The actual answer is very simple

Aaron Rodgers

Hackett spent three seasons in Green Bay as the offensive coordinator and had overwhelming success with Rodgers as his quarterback. In Hacketts last season with the Packers, Rodgers won the M.V.P award and had one of his best seasons statically. Rodgers even had this to say about Hackett before he took the Broncos job.

“Hack has been a really big part of our culture change and part of our success on offense” “I love him. I hope he doesn’t go anywhere… Unless I do” -Aaron Rodgers

The writing is literally on the wall. Not to mention this would be a perfect fit for both Rodgers and the Jets. Zach Wilson is no doubt holding the Jets back from playoff aspirations and in a division with Josh Allen, Bill Belichick, and Tyreek Hill a guy like Rodgers could give you a shot to win that division.

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