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The Hosts

Meet the Frenemies Sports crew! We have been best friends over the past four years and our love of sports inspired us to create the podcast "Frenemies Sports". Our first episode aired in November 2021 and since then we have continued to push out more episodes

Cavs game 4.jpg

Hunter Smith

Carter Hipp
Video Production/Tik Tok

Fun-loving personality who's not afraid to say whatever is on his mind! Will always stick by what he believes no matter how egregious it may be.

Jack O'Neill
Producer/ Business Operations


Hot-headed, explosive, and the definition of standing up for what he believes. If you disagree with Carter you'd better be ready for a dogfight because he will bring it!

Jake Miller
Host/Social Media 
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Self proclaimed as the "realist" of the podcast, Jack will attempt to make everything he says sound like a cold hard fact, regardless of how absurd it is. 

Some call him the Steve Harvey of our generation, Jake is the loud and proud host of the Frenemies Sports podcast. 

Hayes Bubnick
Technical Producer

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  • YouTube

A wizard when it comes to editing, Hayes is behind all the edits you see on our YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. 

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